From These Raging Seas: Review

About the Book:

Title: From These Raging Seas

Author: Brittany Czarnecki

Publisher: Self-published

Release Date: Coming Spring 2023

Pages: 290

Genre: New Adult Fantasy, LGBTQA+


Eighteen-year-old Caspian comes from one of the wealthiest families in the Sunken City, but being one of five identical brothers, he’s always felt invisible. After his mother dies and a devastating falling-out with his father and brothers, Caspian decides to take his life into his own hands. And when the famous Captain Keelhaul Jack comes to town, Caspian sees the opportunity of a lifetime.
After stowing away on the famous pirate’s ship, Caspian eventually earns a place amongst the crew of the Chained Maiden. But soon finds himself falling- not just for the sea and the freedom- but for the sharpshooter named Hraefn. After a deadly ambush, Jack reveals a plan he’s kept from his crew. Find the ship of legends; the one which controls the sea, the one that Jack promised to someone from his past. But first, they need to hunt down the missing pieces of the map, and they aren’t the only ones looking.
Battling sirens, raging seas, and a growing love for Hraefn, Caspian finds himself in the fight of his life with his newfound family. But not every story has a happy ending, and not all pirates get their treasure.
A queer romance, adventure story with a heartbreaking ending you’ll never see coming.



*I received an e-arc from the author for review. Thank you!  All thoughts are my own*

This was my first book by local author, Brittany Czarnecki. I came across her first series in Barnes & Noble and quickly connected with her on social media.  I was surprised by how much I loved this book! If you like fantasy, pirates, adventures on the high seas, romance, and the found family trope, then I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s told from multiple perspectives, as well as including flashbacks, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story.

Caspian is an eighteen-year-old from one of the wealthiest families in the Sunken City. He’s always lived in the shadow of his five brothers and always felt like he didn’t fit in. After the death of his mother, he has a falling out with his father and brothers, and decides he needs a change in his life.  After the infamous Captain Keelhaul Jack comes to town, Caspian sees his opportunity. He stows away on Captain Jack’s ship, The Chained Maiden.

After Caspian is discovered as a stowaway, he works hard and eventually earns a place amongst the crew. He finds himself enjoying the freedom and life at sea and soon begins falling for the ship’s sharpshooter Hraefn (Ray-fin). After the ship is involved in a deadly ambush, Captain Jack reveals that he is in search of a ship of legends, a secret he had previously kept from the crew. The ship of legends controls the sea, and it also has something to do with a promise Jack made in the past.  In order to find the mysterious ship, they need to hunt down the pieces of the map, and they aren’t the only ones searching.

Caspian finds himself in a fight for his life, while battling pirates, sirens and the raging seas. Who will survive, and will they find the treasure?

This book has an amazing cast of characters, and I can see why other readers are comparing it to Six of Crows, Fable, and even Pirates of the Caribbean. I quickly fell for each and every one of them as they are an amazing squad. I think that Caspian, Hraefn, Jack and Tsu are my absolute favorites though! Just be prepared to have your heart ripped out and put back together while reading this gem, as Brittany doesn’t exactly go easy on us.

From These Raging Seas will have a cover reveal soon and it is set to publish this spring of 2023. I hope that you’ll check it out, as I highly recommend it! I am certainly excited to continue this series as well as read other works from this author.

About the Author:

Brittany is a YA/NA fantasy author. Prior to becoming a writer, Brittany served four years in the U.S. Army working as a mechanic in Germany. She is currently finishing her BA in English at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She enjoys reading, spending too much money on books, cooking and watching anime. 20850997._UX200_CR0,1,200,200_ (1)

You can follow her on Instagram: @brittany_czarbooks
Facebook: Brittany Czarnecki.
TikTok: @brittanyczar_books…

Hot Dutch Daydream: Review

About the Book:

Title: Hot Dutch Daydream 

Author: Kristy Boyce 

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release Date: April 18, 2023

Pages: 304 

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 


Romance is not on the itinerary—or is it? Rom-com fans who love books by Elise Bryant and Jenna Evans Welch will adore this paperback original companion to Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce.57608887

No one has ever accused Sage Cunningham of being easily distracted. She has a plan, and she won’t be swayed. She’ll spend the summer interning in her mentor’s lab in Amsterdam, and then she’ll be ready to start her freshman year of college. All she needs to do to pay for the summer abroad is agree to serve as the au pair for Dr. Reese’s three-year-old.

Sage has it all down to a science, but she doesn’t anticipate the surprise arrival of Dr. Reese’s teenage son. Ryland is spontaneous, flirty, and impulsive—everything Sage isn’t. He’s an artist, and he’s not half bad, but he’s desperately in need of someone to keep him focused. And as nannying proves harder than Sage had expected, it turns out she might need help too.

The two strike a deal. Sage will stop Ryland from going out with a different girl every day, and Ryland will pitch in with his little brother. Spending the whole summer stuck together is the perfect way to keep distractions to a minimum. Right?

Reluctant romance lovers will devour this next summer read from Hot British Boyfriend author Kristy Boyce.



*I received an e-arc via Netgalley and the publisher HarperTeen for review. Thank you! All thoughts are my own*

Hot Dutch Daydream was a fantastic follow up to Boyce’s debut of Hot British Boyfriend! Although this one can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading HBB before reading this one. I found that I didn’t want to put this one down, and it’s the perfect summer read. I totally wanted to travel somewhere while reading!  For fans of smart girls, artistic boys, interesting family dynamics, travel and a slow burn romance, I highly recommend this one! 

Sage Cunnigham has always been super focused.  Her summer plans include interning in Dr. Reese’s lab in Amsterdam before starting her freshman year of college. Sage agrees to nanny for her mentor’s three-year-old son Diedrick in order to pay for the trip, which includes an important conference in Berlin. 

Shortly after her arrival in Amsterdam, Sage is surprised by the unexpected addition of Dr. Reese’s teenage son Ryland. His personality is the exact opposite of hers, he’s flirtatious, spontaneous, and impulsive. He’s an artist who really needs someone to help keep him focused. Nannying is harder than Sage expected it to be, and she feels as though she needs help too. 

The pair strikes a deal. Sage will keep Ryland from going out with friends all the time and Ryland will help out with his little brother. They figure that working together will keep distractions away and they’ll both be able to focus. Or will they? 

Sage and Ryland are such great characters! I love how Sage is so driven towards her goals, and she doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her dreams. Ryland is such a sweet and supportive character. He really encouraged Sage and got her to open up and also do some fun things while being away from home. They balanced each other out so well! There are some interesting family dynamics that are explored for both characters as well.  I also love how we get updates from Sage’s best friends Ellie, Dev, and Huan from HBB and what they’ve been up to.

I think if you loved HBB and/or you’re a romance fan, you would love Hot Dutch Daydream. It’s releasing on April 18, 2023, and I hope you’ll give a try. 




About the Author:

Kristy Boyce lives in Columbus, OH and teaches psychology as a senior lecturer at The Ohio State University.19976731._UX200_CR0,28,200,200_

When she’s not spending time with her husband and son, she’s usually writing, reading, putting together fairy gardens, or watching happy reality TV (The Great British Bake-Off and So You Think You Can Dance are perennial favorites).

Kristy is the social media coordinator for Central and Southern Ohio SCBWI.

The Marquess and the Runaway Lady: Review and Giveaway


About the Book:

Title: The Marquess and the Runaway Lady 

Author: Samantha Hastings 

Publisher: Harlequin Historical 

Release Date: February 21, 2023

Pages: 288

Genre: Historical Romance 


An entertaining Harlequin Historical debut 61286179

Will this disheveled runaway…

Become the diamond of the Season?

When the Marquess of Cheswick—Wick—takes in a mysterious woman, he’s shocked to discover she is Lady Louisa, an heiress who’s escaped her cruel aunt! Grieving the loss of two siblings, Wick avoids opening his heart to anyone else and stays away from the marriage mart. But when Louisa needs a husband in order to claim her inheritance, Wick’s determined to help—even if it means stepping back into his worst nightmare: the Season!

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.



*Thank you to Netgalley and Samantha Hastings for the review copy. All thoughts are my own*

I absolutely loved this regency era Cinderella retelling! Lady Louisa has been living in her own home under the guardianship of her cruel aunt and uncle for years, practically as a pauper, even though she is an heiress. Now that she is coming of age, her aunt plans on marrying her off to her despicable cousin with a gambling problem. Lady Louisa escapes with the aid of some servants so that she can head to London and make her debut for the season. On her travels she is mistaken as a runaway governess and is accidentally “rescued” by Lord Simon Cheswick, aka, Wick.

Away from her cruel family, and in the home of Wick and his sisters, Louisa begins to come into her own. To her surprise this family is kind and loving, and she begins to develop friendships with Wick and his sisters. She also tries to ignore her growing attraction for Wick. Wick has been grieving the loss of some family members and hasn’t been able to open his heart to anyone. He stays away from the marriage mart and tends to things at his family home. He quickly tries to ignore his growing attraction for Louisa. However, when Lady Louisa discovers she needs a husband to claim her inheritance, he is determined to help her. They soon set off for London as a family to help Lady Louisa take control of her fortune.

I quickly fell for these delightful characters! I enjoyed watching Louisa grow and develop after getting out from under the cruel clutches of her aunt. The Stringham sisters and their brother Wick are an absolute delight, and I love their relationships with each other. I also enjoyed the unique animals that the family has on their sanctuary. The romance is sweet and there may be some kissing!

Will Louisa and Wick have a happily ever after, or will she marry someone else?

I highly recommend this lovely story, available now. I can’t wait to read more from this author and hope we have more stories about this beautiful family.

Enter the Giveaway:

Enter below to win your own copy of The Marquess and the Runaway Lady! Must be willing to provide your name and mailing address, the author will be sending the copy if you’re a US winner! 🙂 International readers will receive an e-book! Runs from 2/26/2023-/3/5/2023.

About the Author:

6927274._UX200_CR0,35,200,200_Samantha Hastings has degrees from Brigham Young University, the University of Reading (Berkshire, England), and the University of North Texas. She met her husband in a turkey-sandwich line. They live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she spends most of her time reading, eating popcorn, having tea parties, and chasing her kids. She writes cozy mysteries under Samantha Larsen. 

Nocturne: Review

About the Book:

Title: Nocturne 

Author: Alyssa Wees 

Publisher: Del Ray 

Release Date: February 21, 2023

Pages: 240

Genre: Adult Fantasy, Adult Historical Fiction 


In this haunting, lyrical fantasy set in 1930s Chicago, a talented ballerina finds herself torn between her dreams and her desires when she’s pursued by a secretive patron who may be more than he seems.61167445

Growing up in Chicago’s Little Sicily in the years following the Great War, Grace Dragotta has always wanted to be a ballerina, ever since she first peered through the windows of the Near North Ballet Company. So when Grace is orphaned, she chooses the ballet as her home, imagining herself forever ensconced in a transcendent world of light and beauty so different from her poor, immigrant upbringing.

Years later, with the Great Depression in full swing, Grace has become the company’s new prima ballerina—though achieving her long-held dream is not the triumph she once envisioned. Time and familiarity have tarnished that shining vision, and her new position means the loss of her best friend in the world. Then she attracts the attention of the enigmatic Master La Rosa as her personal patron, and realizes the world is not as small or constricted as she had come to fear.

Who is her mysterious patron, and what does he want from her? As Grace begins to unlock the Master’s secrets, she discovers that there is beauty in darkness as well as light, finds that true friendship cannot be broken by time or distance, and realizes there may be another way entirely to achieve the transcendence she has always sought.




*Thank you to Netgalley and Del Ray for the review copy. All thoughts are my own*

This was my first book by Alyssa Wees. I’ll start out with what I like about it. I absolutely love the gorgeous cover, the atmosphere and the beautiful, descriptive writing. I really like the idea behind the story, it’s kind of a mashup of Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, and Hades and Persephone.

I didn’t like that the beginning of the story was very slow-paced, and a little too descriptive at times. Things don’t really pick up until about halfway through the book either. I felt that it read more like a YA, than an adult story as well.

The main character Grace Dragotta has had a tough past. Her brother is killed on the street by the mafia, her mother dies, and her friend and neighbor that taught her how to play the violin passes away as well. She had always wanted to be a ballerina, and so when she is orphaned, she chooses the ballet as her home.

Years later at the height of the Depression, Grace is chosen as the company’s new prima ballerina, though achieving her lifelong dream is not as triumphant as she one envisioned it. Time and familiarity have tarnished the vision, and it now means the loss of her best friend, that’s like a sister to her. She then attracts the attention of her personal patron, Master La Rosa. She begins to wonder who he is and works on unlocking his secrets. She sees that there’s also beauty and light in the darkness, and that there may be a way to achieve the transcendence she always sought.

I didn’t think there was much to the romance in this book, as we don’t get to know Grace’s love interest as much as I would have liked. There was potential that just wasn’t explored. I would have liked to have known more about his backstory especially. I didn’t really feel any real connection to him.

I felt dissatisfied when I reached the ending of the story, as I really was expecting more from it.

I would still recommend this book to those who are looking for something a little different and unusual.

About the Author:

Alyssa Wees’s debut novel is The Waking Forest. She lives and writes in Chicago. To learn more about Alyssa and her writing, go to her website, and follow @AlyssaWees on Twitter. 17136445._UX200_CR0,33,200,200_

Wildblood: Review

About the Book:

Title: Wildblood 

Author: Lauren Blackwood 

Publisher: Wednesday Books 

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Pages: 336

Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Romance 


Eighteen-year-old Victoria is a Wildblood. Kidnapped at the age of six and manipulated by the Exotic Lands Touring Company, she’s worked as a tour guide ever since with a team of fellow Wildbloods who take turns using their magic to protect travelers in a Jamaican jungle teeming with ghostly monsters.60784600

When the boss denies Victoria an earned promotion to team leader in favor of Dean, her backstabbing ex, she’s determined to prove herself. Her magic may be the most powerful on the team, but she’s not the image the boss wants to send their new client, Thorn, a renowned goldminer determined to reach an untouched gold supply deep in the jungle.

Thorn is everything Victoria isn’t – confident, impossibly kind, and so handsome he leaves her speechless. And when he entrusts the mission to her, kindness turns to mutual respect, turns to affection, turns to love. But the jungle is treacherous, and between hypnotic river spirits, soul-devouring women that shed their skin like snakes, and her ex out for revenge, Victoria has to decide – is promotion at a corrupt company really what she wants?





*I received an e-arc via Netgalley and Wednesday Books for review. Thank you! All thoughts are my own*

I read and really enjoyed this author’s previous novel, Within These Wicked Walls. I went into Wildblood thinking that perhaps it was a spinoff of that book and would be a fast-paced adventure full of treasure hunting, magic, and a girl fighting a corrupt company. The premise sounded really good, there were some interesting characters, etc. I felt that this book moved at a much slower pace, and there were many difficult topics that should have come with trigger warnings. There was human trafficking, physical and sexual assault, and violence among other things. I just was not expecting the amount that is in this novel, and it caught me off guard.

I am not a big fan of the insta-love trope, but I felt that it was very unbelievable in this story especially. It really ruined the story for me, and I felt like I would have liked it more without the romance. The main character “falls in love” with another character in the story after only a couple of days and they begin calling each other “my love” and other such nicknames and telling each other that they love one another. The start to this “relationship” was also based on their mutual attraction and not really anything of substance.

I felt very confused at times, as the magic system was never fully explained. I don’t think I could explain to you exactly what a Wildblood is. I was initially intrigued by the Wildbloods, but we never really fully understand them.

I think I loved the sentient jungle and all of its’s creatures the most, and I wish that had been explored more. There was so much potential there.

I would somewhat recommend this story. There were some good ideas, but I felt that they were just not executed well.

About the Author:

Lauren Blackwood is the NYT/Indie Bestselling author of Within These Wicked Walls and Wildblood.20175761._UX200_CR0,0,200,200_

When You Wish Upon a Lantern: Review

About the Book:

Title: When You Wish Upon a Lantern 

Author: Gloria Chao 

Publisher: Viking 

Release Date: February 14, 2023

Pages: 352

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 


Acclaimed author Gloria Chao creates real-world magic in this luminous romance about teens who devote themselves to granting other people’s wishes, but are too afraid to let themselves have their own hearts’ desires—each other.58025157

Liya and Kai had been best friends since they were little kids, but all that changed when a humiliating incident sparked The Biggest Misunderstanding Of All Time—and they haven’t spoken since.

Then Liya discovers her family’s wishing lantern store is struggling, and she decides to resume a tradition she had with her beloved late grandmother: secretly fulfilling the wishes people write on the lanterns they send into the sky. It may boost sales and save the store, but she can’t do it alone . . . and Kai is the only one who cares enough to help.

While working on their covert missions, Liya and Kai rekindle their friendship—and maybe more. But when their feuding families and their changing futures threaten to tear them apart again, can they find a way to make their own wishes come true?



* I won an arc in a giveaway. All thoughts are my own*

Just as I have loved Gloria Chao’s other books, I loved this one as well! When You Wish Upon a Lantern is a YA contemporary romance that is brimming with everyday magic that can become extraordinary. If you enjoy friends to lovers, and believe that kindness matters, I think you’ll want to pick this one up. 

Liya and Kai have been best friends since they were little kids, until a humiliating incident happens, which turns into a misunderstanding, and they haven’t spoken since. 

Then Liya finds out that her family’s wishing lantern store is having financial problems, and she decides to pick up the tradition that she had with her beloved late grandmother. She wants to secretly fulfill the wishes that people write on the lanterns they purchase from the store and then send to the sky. She ultimately hopes that by fulfilling wishes this will help boost sales and save the store, but she can’t do it all by herself.  Kai is the only person she knows who would care to help, and she goes to him and asks for his assistance.

While working on their secret missions, Liya and Kai resume their friendship, and there may be a spark of something more. With their changing futures and their feuding families, will they be able to make their own wishes a reality? 

I really think Liya and Kai are the absolute cutest! I loved how their friendship grew and changed into something so wonderful. Despite their feuding families, they were so good together!  Their families reminded me a bit of Romeo and Juliet, with their businesses being so competitive. I think what I enjoyed most however, was how Chao really made me feel as though I were a part of their tight knit community while reading. This story was richly steeped in Chinese culture, food, holidays and traditions that I really loved learning about, especially the tradition of the lanterns. 

I highly recommend this lovely story, which is coming out on February 14, 2023 and will be a perfect Valentine’s Day read!  

About the Author:

Gloria Chao is the critically acclaimed author of American PandaOur Wayward FateRent a Boyfriend, and When You Wish Upon a Lantern. After a brief detour as a dentist, she is now grateful to spend her days in fictional characters’ heads instead of real people’s mouths. When she’s not writing, you can find her on the curling ice, where she and her husband are world-ranked in mixed doubles.6610348

Visit her tea-and-book-filled world at, and find her on Twitter and Instagram @GloriacChao.

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame: Review

About the Book:

Title: Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame 

Author: Meg Long 

Publisher: Wednesday Books 

Release Date: January 17, 2023

Pages: 416

Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Sci-Fi


A girl hellbent on finding the friend she lost. A planet on the brink of total destruction. Only one way to find answers amidst the chaos: team up with a traitor to stage a revolution, in Meg Long’s Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame.60784627

After a mission gone awry two years ago, Remy Castell has been desperately searching across worlds to find the friend she failed to save—the friend who changed her life by helping her overcome the brainwashing she was subjected to as a genetically engineered corporate agent.

Since then, she’s been chasing the only lead she has: fellow genopath Kiran Lore, the same secretive ex-squadmate who left her for dead when she compromised that mission. She nearly caught up to him on Tundar before joining the infamous sled race alongside outcast Sena and her wolf companion Iska. Now, all three of them have tracked Kiran back to Maraas, the jungle planet where Remy lost everything. But nothing on Maraas is how it was two years ago. Syndicates and scavvers alike are now trying to overthrow a megalomaniac corpo director, which Remy wants nothing to do with; fighting against corpos is as useless as trying to stay dry in the middle of the giant hellstorm that encircles the planet. But the storm—and the rebellion—are growing stronger by the minute.

When Remy finds Kiran, he doesn’t run away like she expects. Instead, he offers her a deal: help with the revolution and he’ll reunite her with her friend. But can she really trust the boy who betrayed her once before? With the entire planet on the edge of all-out war, Remy will have to decide just how far she’s willing to go to save one girl before the impending storm drowns them all.



*I received an e-arc via Netgalley from the publisher. Thank you Netgalley and Wednesday Books. All thoughts are my own*

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame is the sophomore follow up to Meg Long’s Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves. It is set in the same world, but on an entirely different planet. This one can be read on its own, but I highly recommend reading the first book so that you can understand the adventures that Remy has been through as this book takes place immediately afterwards. You also learn more about some of the side characters by reading the first book. I really enjoyed the world building and the fast pace of this one!

Remy Castell has been searching for her friend Alora after a mission went awry two years ago. This friend helped Remy to overcome the brainwashing she was subjected to as a genetically engineered corporate agent. 

Since then, she has been following her only lead, Kiran Lore, who also happens to be her ex-partner who left her for dead when she compromised that mission. She nearly caught up to him on the planet Tundar, where she wound up meeting Sena and her wolf friend Iska. The three of them have tracked Kiran back to Maraas, the jungle planet where Remy lost everything. Nothing on Maraas is the same as it was two years ago, and Remy finds herself being asked to join a revolution. How far will she go to save her friend?

This was a roller coaster adventure that Remy takes us on! I really enjoyed learning about her past, and the planet that she once called home. I was very glad to see Sena and Iska again and have them be a part of this adventure as well. I found myself trying to figure out pieces of the plot, and actually found myself being right! I felt like I had a lot of questions still at the end of this one, and I really hope that there will be a book three.

If you read and enjoyed Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves or you like fantasy and sci-fi I recommend picking this book up! 


About the Author:

Meg originally wanted to be a spy. Instead she somehow found herself teaching overseas in China and Malaysia before ending up in Colorado, where it snows entirely too much.20184562._UX200_CR0,44,200,200_

She taught middle and high school for eight years before jumping into the tech industry as a content designer. Her debut novel, COLD THE NIGHT, FAST THE WOLVES, will be released in 2022 from Wednesday Books. She was a Pitch Wars mentee in 2018 and a mentor in 2020-21.

When not reading or writing, she’s kicking things at her Muay Thai gym with her boyfriend, playing video games, or obsessing over Sailor Moon fanart.

Fun Facts: Meg likes Oxford commas, bossing her Roomba around, and people-watching at airports.

The Fate of Eleonor (Eleonor #1): Review

About the Book:

Title: The Fate of Eleonor

Author: E.B. Borbón

Publisher: Asturian House Press Ltd.

Release Date: November 8, 2022

Pages: 255

Genre: Adult Paranormal, Adult Romance 


On a calm night in the Spanish countryside, Eleonor’s life turned upside down when her own Coven betrays her, and everything she knew has been burned. She was forced to watch as humans murdered the love of her life, Max.63338400

Eleonor has walked the earth for over three centuries without her love, and the time has weathered her heart to stone. Without Max, she is broken. Just a shell of the human she once was. New York City is nothing like the Spanish countryside she once knew and loved, but it is a steady hunting ground for her to feed. And it’s where she meets Julian.

There’s something familiar about him that she can’t quite place. Something unspoken. The more time she spends with him, and the more he helps her with her pursuit of revenge upon those who killed Max, the closer she gets to discovering secrets long lost to vampire kind. There is more than just one soul in his human body. Together, they dive deeper and return to the place where it all began. The place where the real threats still linger.

Will Eleonor find the answers she’s looking for, or will she find more than she ever bargained for?




*I received an e-book from the author for review. All thoughts are my own.*

A friend convinced me to read The Fate of Eleonor, so I went in not knowing exactly what to expect, other than vampires and some romance. I felt that it was much more than that, and I’m so glad I gave it a shot, as I absolutely loved it! I haven’t read a vampire book in some time, and it made me realize just how much I miss them! I can’t believe that this is the author’s debut, as it was that incredible to me. I was drawn into the story from the first page, and I didn’t want to put it down. If you like a paranormal romance, that’s steamy and mysterious, this one is for you!

Eleonor’s life is completely torn apart one quiet night in the Spanish countryside. Her own Coven betrays her, and everything she knew has been burned. She is forced to watch as humans murder the love of her life, Max.

Fast forward, and Eleonor, or “Ellie” has now walked the earth for three centuries without her love. Without Max, she feels completely broken and just the shell of who she was once was. She has been seeking anything over the years to end her suffering. New York City is nothing compared to the beautiful Spanish countryside she once adored, but it is a good place for her to feed. It’s also where she meets Julian, with whom she feels a connection.

As Ellie spends more time with Julian, he begins to help her with her plans for revenge against her former Coven. Will she get more than she bargained for?

I loved spending time with these characters, and I am excited to read more by this author. This was a story about love and loss, and the power of hope, and I highly, highly recommend. The prequel The Coven Guard will be releasing next month, and I can’t wait!

About the Author:

E.B. Borbón (ISTJ-A) is an emerging Dark Fiction author, writing for readers of Dark Romance, Paranormal, and Dark Fantasy with Speculative Historical References. Fascinated with history growing up, his interest led to some early exposure to reading. He was drawn to cultures and customs that were different from his own. Finding beauty in things forgotten and abandoned, he started to write short stories about the people, practices, beliefs, and places throughout history that fall between the well-known events. The Fate of Eleonor is E.B. Borbón’s first published book. 23050160._UX200_CR0,33,200,200_

Unseelie: Review

About the Book:

Title: Unseelie 

Author: Ivelisse Housman

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Release Date: January 3, 2023

Pages: 432

Genre: YA Fantasy 


Twin sisters, both on the run, but different as day and night. One, a professional rogue, searches for a fabled treasure; the other, a changeling, searches for the truth behind her origins, trying to find a place to fit in with the realm of fae who made her and the humans who shun her. 60840489

Iselia “Seelie” Graygrove looks just like her twin, Isolde… but as an autistic changeling trying to navigate her unpredictable magic, Seelie finds it more difficult to fit in with the humans around her. When Seelie and Isolde are caught up in a heist gone wrong and make some unexpected allies, they find themselves unraveling a larger mystery that has its roots in the history of humans and fae alike.

 Both sisters soon discover that the secrets of the faeries may be more valuable than any pile of gold and jewels. But can Seelie harness her magic in time to protect her sister, and herself?








*I received an e-arc via Netgalley and the publisher for review. All thoughts are my own*

I thought this was a solid debut from author Ivelisse Housman! If you like stories about sisters, fantasy, fae, and good autism rep, I think this one is for you. I really appreciated the author’s note regarding how they’re neurodivergent, and how they wanted to include this by having an autistic main character. They wanted to write a book that they wish they’d had as a teen. It was amazing to read about a character who has meltdowns and sensory issues in a good light. I am not neurodivergent, but as a mom of two neurodivergent teens, I was very impressed.

Iselia “Seelie” Graygrove looks just like her twin sister, Isolde, but they couldn’t be any more different. Seelie is an autistic changeling trying to navigate her very unpredictable magic, and Isolde is more of an adventurer looking for the opportunity for treasure. Seelie has been finding it harder and harder to fit in with the humans around her. The two girls wind up becoming involved in a heist gone wrong and make some unexpected and unwanted allies, Raze and Olani. As their journey progresses, they find themselves unraveling a mystery that has roots in both humans and faes alike.

They soon discover that the secrets of the fairies may be more valuable then jewels or gold. The question is, can Seelie harness her magic in time to protect her sister and herself?

I really enjoyed Seelie and Isolde’s adventures and the relationships they develop with their unexpected allies. I loved watching them get chased through faerie realms and I loved Birch the Brownie, he was an unexpected treat! I felt that the pacing was kind of slow in the beginning and then it really picked up towards the end, and then it just ends. We were left with a bit of a cliffhanger, and I didn’t know until recently that this is a duology, so just be prepared for that. I had gone in thinking this was a standalone, and clearly it is not.

I recommend this book, out now! I will definitely read the sequel, as I need to see how this all plays out.

About the Author:

Ivelisse Housman has been writing stories her whole life.22150559

At all seven schools she attended throughout her childhood, she was infamously “that kid who gets in trouble for reading during class, but stubbornly refuses to stop.” Raised in a Puerto Rican-American home, she’s always been fascinated by stories about standing between two worlds. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 15, which made everything before and after that make a lot more sense.

After switching majors way too many times, she remembered that writing was actually a career that people can have and wrote her first novel while finishing her degree in graphic design. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her high school sweetheart/archnemesis and their two beloved rescue dogs.

A Guide to Being Just Friends (Jansen Brothers, #3): Review

About the Book:

Title: A Guide to Being Just Friends 

Author: Sophie Sullivan

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin 

Release Date: January 17, 2023

Pages: 336

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 


A playful and emotional romantic comedy from the author of Ten Rules for Faking It 60784626

Hailey Sharp has a one-track mind. Get By the Cup salad shop off the ground. Do literally everything possible to make it a success. Repeat. With a head full of entrepreneurial ideas and a bad ex in her rearview, her one and only focus is living life the way she wants to. No distractions.

Wes Jansen never did understand the fuss about relationships. With a string of lackluster first dates and the pain from his parents’ angry divorce following him around, he’d much rather find someone who he likes, but won’t love. Companionship, not passion, is the name of the game.

When Hailey and Wes find each other in a disastrous meet cute that wasn’t even intended for them, they embarrassingly go their separate ways. But when Wes finds Hailey to apologize for his behavior, they strike a friendship. Because that’s all this can be. Hailey doesn’t want any distractions. Wes doesn’t want to fall in love.

What could possibly go wrong?




*I received an e-arc via Netgalley and the publisher for review. All thoughts are my own*

This was such a cute book! I enjoyed reading How to Love Your Neighbor last year, and I’m so glad that I got to read and review another Sophie Sullivan book. I now have to go back and read book one for sure! These can be read as standalones, but each book is about one of three brothers. I definitely recommend this one if you enjoy contemporary romance, friends to lovers, and a slow burn!

Hailey Sharp has been on her own for a while. Her parents are never around for her, and she and her boyfriend broke up a while ago. She moved to be closer to her cousin Piper, her husband Nick, and their kids who are her closest family. She has opened her own business called “By the Cup” where her specialty is salads, and she’s doing everything she can to get it off the ground and make it a success. With her head full of ideas about her business, and her ex now in her rearview mirror, she is living life the way she wants to. She wants no distractions.

Wes Jansen never understood all the hubbub with relationships. He’s had a string of first dates that never went anywhere, and he still deals with the pain of his parent’s angry divorce. He’d like to find someone that he likes and gets along with, but not anymore than that. He’d just like some companionship really.

Hailey and Wes find themselves in a disastrous meet cute that wasn’t even intended for them, and embarrassed they go their separate ways. Wes later finds Hailey to apologize for his behavior, and they wind up striking up a friendship. Of course, that’s all that it can be, as neither of them wants a relationship beyond platonic. What could possibly go wrong?

I loved how Hailey was such a determined, hardworking character. She was so invested in her restaurant. It was fun to see her relationship with Piper and her family. She also makes some other friends along the way, including not only Wes, but the funny Fiona. It was nice to see her find her family, her people.

I liked watching Hailey and Wes’ relationship develop. They both enter the friendship with some of their own baggage, and I liked that they are flawed characters. The banter between them was great!

This book was just the kind of lighthearted story that I needed! Excited to read more from this author.

About the Author:

SOPHIE SULLIVAN is a Canadian author as well as a cookie-eating, Diet Pepsi-drinking, Disney enthusiast who loves reading and writing romance in almost equal measure. She writes around her day job as a teacher and spends her spare time with her sweet family watching reruns of Friends. Ten Rules For Faking It is her romcom debut novel, but she’s had plenty of practice writing happily ever after as her alter ego, Jody Holford.20344328