Bone Crier’s Moon Review


Title:  Bone Crier’s Moon

Author: Kathryn Purdie

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy

Pages: 480



“We will have to make our own sacrifices one day, and it will be easier if we don’t grow attached to those destined to die.”

BoneCriersMoon_Cover (1)Bone Criers have a sacred duty. They alone can keep the dead from preying on the living. But their power to ferry the spirits of the dead into goddess Elara’s Night Heavens or Tyrus’s Underworld comes from sacrifice. The gods demand a promise of dedication. And that promise comes at the cost of the Bone Criers’ one true love.

Ailesse has been prepared since birth to become the matriarch of the Bone Criers, a mysterious famille of women who use strengths drawn from animal bones to ferry dead souls. But first she must complete her rite of passage and kill the boy she’s also destined to love.

Bastien’s father was slain by a Bone Crier and he’s been seeking revenge ever since. Yet when he finally captures one, his vengeance will have to wait. Ailesse’s ritual has begun and now their fates are entwined—in life and in death.

Sabine has never had the stomach for the Bone Criers’ work. But when her best friend Ailesse is taken captive, Sabine will do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means defying their traditions—and their matriarch—to break the bond between Ailesse and Bastien. Before they all die. 

The first pulse-pounding novel in a new duology from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Burning Glass shines with doomed romance, macabre magic, and a betrayal with the power to shatter the boundary between the living and the dead.

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This book was amazing! The story was told through three different points of view. We see what’s happening through the eyes of Ailesse, Sabine, and Bastien. Ailesse and Sabine are Leuress and have been preparing their whole lives to carry out the traditions and the sacred duties of their people. They draw their strengths to ferry the souls of the dead from animal bones. Sabine has always shied away from the Bone Criers practices, but Ailesse has been training hard her whole life to become the next leader. I love the friendship between Ailesse and Sabine. I really feel like their relationship is the heart of the story. They’re the best of friends and will do anything to protect each other.

Bastien’s father was killed by a Bone Crier and he has always been set on revenge until he meets Ailesse, who is destined to kill him, her one true love. When Ailesse’s rite of passage goes awry, things change in ways they never could have imagined. I love Bastien as he and Ailesse have similar personalities. They’re both headstrong and passionate. I’m a sucker for enemies to lovers stories, so this trope pulled me right in.

I loved the unique mythology, the magic, the amazing friendships, the romance, the betrayals! I am so looking forward to book two! Definitely add this book to your TBR if you haven’t already. It’s out in stores now.



Headshot-CropKathryn Purdie is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the BURNING GLASS series and BONE CRIER’S MOON, the first in a YA fantasy duology from Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and three children. Kathryn is a trained classical actress who studied at the Oxford School of Drama. In her spare time, she loves writing songs on her guitar for her characters, binge-watching TV, and devouring Peanut Butter Oreos. Discover more about her at

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