Never Date A Siren (College Fae Magic #1) Review

About the Book:

Title: Never Date A Siren (College Fae Magic #1)

Author: Byrd Nash

Publisher: Rook and Castle

Release Date: November 19, 2019

Pages: 272

Genre: YA Fantasy


College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

Leopold Otto University in mysterious Bewachterberg invites both humans and fae to attend. Beware though, the administration doesn’t guarantee your safety!

An American college student discovers his fellow fae students operate under a different code of honor. Only if he can decipher their tangled Laws of Civility can he hope to survive the semester.

The fae dryad didn’t plan on having a human roommate, but through mischance Brigit incurs a Debt Bond. Can she save Logan from a beguiler’s love spell?

A fun, exciting romp in a fantasy world where fae creatures of all kinds live among us.

The College Fae series takes place at Leopold Otto University of Geheimetür, Bewachterberg — a country that the fae hid from the world for 99 years and a day.51twqReJGOL




What a great start to a new fae series! I definitely was drawn to this book initially because of the beautiful cover, and I’m glad I picked this one up. I love how Nash took old folklore and fairytales and intertwined them into a modern setting. The story takes place at Leopold Otto University in mysterious Bewachterberg. Humans and fae are both invited to attend. The main character Brigit is a dryad, and Logan is an American student. Logan has been beguiled by a Siren, and Brigit becomes indebted to him, and they embark on an adventure. There are some fun side characters we meet as well. I think Jib is probably my favorite, he’s so smart-alecky!

I’m excited to find out what happens next in the sequel! Be sure to pick this one up if you’d like a fun, quick read.



About the Author:

After gaining her B.A. degree in journalism Byrd worked as a reporter for a bunch of newspapers you never heard of in small towns you never heard of. Eventually she realized she could starve just as as easily writing her own stories as reporting on local vegetable festivals.

She is owned by cats and horses.

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