Girl on the Run: Review

About the Book:

Title: Girl on the Run

Author: Abigail Johnson

Publisher: Underlined 

Release Date: October 6, 2020

Pages: 272

Genre: YA Thriller 


A fast-paced original paperback thriller about a girl who discovers that her mother might not be who she says she is . . . and now someone is hunting them both.

Katelyn wants the best for her widowed mom. Surprising her with an online dating profile seems like a good idea.

It isn’t. Katelyn’s mom hasn’t just been acting overprotective all these years–she’s been hiding something. And now that anyone can find them online, Katelyn is in a desperate race against time to uncover the secrets of the past–not only her mom’s, but also her own.

As Katelyn’s world unravels, she begins to trust the guy who brought this nightmare to her door and to doubt the one person she never thought she would. Because her mom has been hiding for a reason: she’s been waiting.



This was the perfect October read! A fast-paced thriller that I couldn’t put down. 

Katelyn’s mom has always been very strict. They’re constantly moving, not staying in one place for long. She hasn’t really been able to settle down anywhere. When Katelyn finally feels as though they’ve found the place where they can be happy, she’s making friends and seeing a cute boy, she decides to surprise her widowed mom. She sets up an online dating profile for her. It turns out to be the worst idea ever! Her mom hasn’t just been strict, she’s been hiding something. Now that anyone can find them online, Katelyn finds herself on the run. This sets her on a course of trying to unravel the past, not only about her mom, but about herself. 

As Katelyn’s world beings to fall apart, she begins to trust the guy who brought her into this mess, and to doubt the one person she thought she never would.

This story has a lot of heart. If you like Abigail’s books, and/or if you like thrillers, then I definitely think you will want to pick this one up! 


About the Author:

Abigail Johnson was born in Pennsylvania. When she was twelve, her family traded in snowstorms for year-round summers and moved to Arizona. Abigail chronicled the entire cross-country road trip in a purple spiral-bound notebook that she still has, and has been writing ever since. She became a tetraplegic after breaking her neck in a car accident when she was seventeen, but hasn’t let that stop her from bodysurfing in Mexico, writing and directing a high-school production of Cinderella, and riding roller coasters every chance she gets. She is the author of several young adult novels including If I Fix You and Every Other Weekend.

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