Booked for Christmas: A Short Story Review

About the Book:

Title: Booked for Christmas: A Short Story

Author: Lily Menon

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Release Date: October 13, 2020

Pages: 89

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


This new novella from Lily Menon, author of Make Up Break Up, is sure to get readers in the holiday spirit.

Novelist Sophia Hart (real name: Sophie Bartholomew-Kaur-Hughes, but try fitting that on a book cover) absolutely hates her loudest critic—Evan Wolfe, evil mastermind behind the Lone Wolfe book review column. They’ve never met, but Wolfe’s favorite pastime seems to be dumping on Sophie’s unapologetically happy, magical romances. Sophie, not one to be left behind, gets her revenge in her own ways (never annoy a writer 512xyz6J7qL._SX342_SY445_QL70_ML2_in search of a villain).

When Sophie decides to throw a holiday party at her cabin, Wolfe is the last person on her mind. But the universe has a twisted sense of humor. Not only does Wolfe show up as someone’s plus one, but a massive snowstorm blows in, stranding them both alone together in Sophie’s cabin.

Over the next few days, Sophie begins to realize that Wolfe isn’t as odiously cynical a man as she’d originally thought. In fact, he’s kind of…sweet. And impossibly hot. But still, Sophie’s been hurt before and she has so much to lose. What she needs is one sure sign that she and Wolfe are meant to be together. Will Sophie and Wolfe get their Christmas miracle?



This is a short Christmas story that will definitely put you in the holiday mood! It also has my favorite trope, enemies to lovers, witty banter, and a diverse cast of characters.

Novelist Sophia Hart (Sophie) throws a holiday party at her cabin that is outside of the city. Her best friends arrive a little early to help her out with preperations. She tells them about the recent article from the book critic, Evan Wolfe, who trashes all of her romance books in his column. The last person she expects to show up at her party is Wolfe, who comes as one of her friend’s plus one, who is home sick and sends his kind regards. She invites him in as she doesn’t want to leave him out in the cold, and he starts mingling at the party. Then a massive snowstorm hits, and Wolfe is stranded alone in the cabin with her. Over the next few days, Sophie discovers that Wolfe isn’t as bad as she originally thought.

A cute, sweet, swoon worthy story that is the perfect romantic escape.  I hope that I see these characters again in the future. I grew to care for them rather quickly, and I need more!

About the Author:

Lily Menon’s debut adult contemporary romance, Make Up Break Up, releases in February 2021.


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