Bridgerton: The Duke and I: Review

About the Book:

Title: Bridgerton: The Duke and I 

Author: Julia Quinn

Publisher: Avon 

Release Date: December 1, 2020 (First published January 5, 2000)

Pages: 464

Genre: Adult Historical Romance


From New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the first novel in the beloved Regency-set world of her charming, powerful Bridgerton family, now a series created by Shonda Rhimes for (9)

In the ballrooms and drawing rooms of Regency London, rules abound. From their earliest days, children of aristocrats learn how to address an earl and curtsey before a prince—while other dictates of the ton are unspoken yet universally understood. A proper duke should be imperious and aloof. A young, marriageable lady should be amiable…but not too amiable.

Daphne Bridgerton has always failed at the latter. The fourth of eight siblings in her close-knit family, she has formed friendships with the most eligible young men in London. Everyone likes Daphne for her kindness and wit. But no one truly desires her. She is simply too deuced honest for that, too unwilling to play the romantic games that captivate gentlemen.

Amiability is not a characteristic shared by Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. Recently returned to England from abroad, he intends to shun both marriage and society—just as his callous father shunned Simon throughout his painful childhood. Yet an encounter with his best friend’s sister offers another option. If Daphne agrees to a fake courtship, Simon can deter the mamas who parade their daughters before him. Daphne, meanwhile, will see her prospects and her reputation soar.

The plan works like a charm—at first. But amid the glittering, gossipy, cut-throat world of London’s elite, there is only one certainty: love ignores every rule…

This novel includes the 2nd epilogue, a peek at the story after the story.



After binging the Bridgerton series on Netflix in two days back in December, I knew I had to read the books! This is the first book of what I believe is an eight book series. I’ve heard that this is the “worst” book in the series, so I’m definitely hopeful that the series gets even better. I really want to learn more about the other Bridgerton siblings!

What I liked about the book, was that we get to know the characters a little more, and there are conversations had that weren’t explored as much on the show in my opinion. I really love the Bridgerton family, and Daphne’s brothers had me laughing a lot throughout the book. What I didn’t like about the book, was that I felt that “that scene” was much more problematic in the book than on the show, as Simon is under the influence. I think that this storyline is what ruins the best parts of the story for me, as it’s SO not okay. I also didn’t like how Simon was so controlling. I feel like he was better in that respect on the show.

I’m not sure if I would have enjoyed the book as much if I hadn’t seen the show first to be honest. Overall, a fun and entertaining romantic read.

About the Author:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don’t read (or write) romance, and and if you watch reruns of the game show The Weakest Link you might just catch her winning the $79,000 jackpot. She displayed a decided lack of knowledge about baseball, country music, and plush toys, but she is proud to say that she aced all things British and literary, answered all of her history and geography questions correctly, and knew that there was a Da Vinci long before there was a code.63898

A graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, Ms. Quinn is one of only sixteen members of Romance Writers of America’s Hall of Fame. Her books have been translated into 32 languages, and she lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

The Bridgertons, her popular series of historical romance, is currently in production by Shondaland as a Netflix original series starring Julie Andrews, Phoebe Dynevor, and Rége-Jean Page.

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