The Sizzle Paradox: Review

About the Book:

Title: The Sizzle Paradox 

Author: Lily Menon 

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin 

Release Date: June 28, 2022

Pages: 304

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance 


The Kiss Quotient meets Love Potion No. 9 in the next sparkling romantic comedy by Lily Menon, The Sizzle Paradoxdownload (30)

Lyric Bishop feels like a fraud – she’s studying sexual chemistry in romantic partners and what makes for a successful long-term relationship, only she can’t seem to figure it out in her own dating life. The science is sound, but how can she give her expert opinion with no real-world experience? In order to complete her doctoral thesis, she must crack the Sizzle Paradox – it seems the more sexually attractive she finds a guy, the less likely it is to come with an emotional connection; but why? – and to do that she must get the help she desperately needs.

Kian Montgomery, her best friend, roommate, and fellow grad student, has no trouble bringing both romance and sizzle to his own relationships. When he offers to tutor Lyric on dating tactics to find a good match, she’s certain it will solve her problems, and in exchange she agrees to set long-term-commitment-averse Kian up with someone different to give his romantic life a much-needed shakeup.

But once the two progress with their “tutoring sessions,” they start to feel less like the academic exercise they were supposed to be as real feelings develop. Which is a problem, because Lyric and Kian are best friends and absolutely, irrefutably nothing else… Right?



*I received an e-arc from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This is Menon’s second adult novel and it was such a delight! If you like friends to lovers, fake dating, and a graduate school setting I think you would enjoy this contemporary romcom.

Lyric Bishop and Kian Montgomery are besties and roommates. They’ve been great together since they met years ago in college. Currently they are both working on their doctorate degrees.

Lyric feels like a complete scammer as she’s studying sexual chemistry in romantic partners and what makes relationships last long term, and she can’t even figure it out in her own life. The science she’s researched is sound, but she feels as though she can’t give her expert opinion on the subject without some real world experience. In order for her to complete her doctoral thesis, she needs to crack the Sizzle Paradox, and she desperately needs some help.

Kian has never had trouble bringing sizzle and romance to his own romantic relationships. He offers to tutor Lyric on dating tactics so that she can find her own match. Lyric is certain that this offer will help her to solve her problems, and she offers to set Kian up with someone different than he usually dates to stir things up a bit.

Once the tutoring sessions begin however, they don’t really feel like academic exercises to Lyric and Kian as real feelings begin to develop. This becomes a big problem as they have always been best friends and nothing else. Will their friendship survive?

I found myself cheering for Lyric and Kian along the way! I loved the banter and all of the angst. Such a cute and swoony romance that you’ll be sure to enjoy. This one is coming out on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 so please pick this one up and/or add it to your TBR.

About the Author:

This is Lily Menon’s second adult novel. Her first adult novel was Make Up Break Up, followed by the novella Booked For Christmas.


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