Hot Dutch Daydream: Review

About the Book:

Title: Hot Dutch Daydream 

Author: Kristy Boyce 

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release Date: April 18, 2023

Pages: 304 

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 


Romance is not on the itinerary—or is it? Rom-com fans who love books by Elise Bryant and Jenna Evans Welch will adore this paperback original companion to Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce.57608887

No one has ever accused Sage Cunningham of being easily distracted. She has a plan, and she won’t be swayed. She’ll spend the summer interning in her mentor’s lab in Amsterdam, and then she’ll be ready to start her freshman year of college. All she needs to do to pay for the summer abroad is agree to serve as the au pair for Dr. Reese’s three-year-old.

Sage has it all down to a science, but she doesn’t anticipate the surprise arrival of Dr. Reese’s teenage son. Ryland is spontaneous, flirty, and impulsive—everything Sage isn’t. He’s an artist, and he’s not half bad, but he’s desperately in need of someone to keep him focused. And as nannying proves harder than Sage had expected, it turns out she might need help too.

The two strike a deal. Sage will stop Ryland from going out with a different girl every day, and Ryland will pitch in with his little brother. Spending the whole summer stuck together is the perfect way to keep distractions to a minimum. Right?

Reluctant romance lovers will devour this next summer read from Hot British Boyfriend author Kristy Boyce.



*I received an e-arc via Netgalley and the publisher HarperTeen for review. Thank you! All thoughts are my own*

Hot Dutch Daydream was a fantastic follow up to Boyce’s debut of Hot British Boyfriend! Although this one can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading HBB before reading this one. I found that I didn’t want to put this one down, and it’s the perfect summer read. I totally wanted to travel somewhere while reading!  For fans of smart girls, artistic boys, interesting family dynamics, travel and a slow burn romance, I highly recommend this one! 

Sage Cunnigham has always been super focused.  Her summer plans include interning in Dr. Reese’s lab in Amsterdam before starting her freshman year of college. Sage agrees to nanny for her mentor’s three-year-old son Diedrick in order to pay for the trip, which includes an important conference in Berlin. 

Shortly after her arrival in Amsterdam, Sage is surprised by the unexpected addition of Dr. Reese’s teenage son Ryland. His personality is the exact opposite of hers, he’s flirtatious, spontaneous, and impulsive. He’s an artist who really needs someone to help keep him focused. Nannying is harder than Sage expected it to be, and she feels as though she needs help too. 

The pair strikes a deal. Sage will keep Ryland from going out with friends all the time and Ryland will help out with his little brother. They figure that working together will keep distractions away and they’ll both be able to focus. Or will they? 

Sage and Ryland are such great characters! I love how Sage is so driven towards her goals, and she doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her dreams. Ryland is such a sweet and supportive character. He really encouraged Sage and got her to open up and also do some fun things while being away from home. They balanced each other out so well! There are some interesting family dynamics that are explored for both characters as well.  I also love how we get updates from Sage’s best friends Ellie, Dev, and Huan from HBB and what they’ve been up to.

I think if you loved HBB and/or you’re a romance fan, you would love Hot Dutch Daydream. It’s releasing on April 18, 2023, and I hope you’ll give a try. 




About the Author:

Kristy Boyce lives in Columbus, OH and teaches psychology as a senior lecturer at The Ohio State University.19976731._UX200_CR0,28,200,200_

When she’s not spending time with her husband and son, she’s usually writing, reading, putting together fairy gardens, or watching happy reality TV (The Great British Bake-Off and So You Think You Can Dance are perennial favorites).

Kristy is the social media coordinator for Central and Southern Ohio SCBWI.

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