Emmie and the Tudor King Review

About the Book:

Title: Emmie and the Tudor King

Author: Natalie Murray

Publisher: Literary Crush Publishing

Release Date: June 11, 2019

Pages: 304

Genre: YA Historical Fiction, YA Fantasy


“As satisfying as it is suspenseful…rich with raw emotion.”
–Foreword Reviews

“A swashbuckling, romantic adventure story about time travel and a love that spans four centuries, Emmie and the Tudor King is an absolute pleasure.”
–C.J. Flood, award-winning author of Infinite Sky and Nightwanderers

One moment, Emmie is writing her high school history paper; the next, she’s sitting with a gorgeous 16th century king who vacillates from kissing her to ordering her execution.

Able to travel back to her own time, but intensely drawn to King Nick and the mysterious death of his sister, Emmie finds herself solving the murder of a young princess and unraveling court secrets while trying to keep her head on her shoulders, literdownload (6)ally.
With everything to lose, Emmie finds herself facing her biggest battle of all: How to cheat the path of history and keep her irresistible king, or lose him–and her heart–forever.










I needed a book like this! It was a mix up of history, time-travel, and a sweet romance. It’s pitched as Dr. Who meets Outlander, and is about a young girl who is pulled back into the 16th Century. There she faces a handsome King, court intrigue, and a murder plot!

Emmie is working on a history paper with her BFF about a long dead, and brutal King. She finds an old ring at a yard sale, falls asleep, and is transported back about 400 years! She finds out that the King she was studying isn’t as terrible as the history books describe him, and is actually quite easy on the eyes. She soon discovers that using the ring, she can travel back and forth between her time, and the King’s time. I loved this, and it definitely kept my interest! I love that the main character grew up not far from where I did, so that made the book even better. The author did a great job researching the area! I really loved Emmie, and appreciated her journey of self discovery, and her sense of humor a lot.

Nick was absolutely swoon worthy! I loved how we were able to see how difficult life can be as a royal. He had so many difficult decisions and choices to make. He was just so passionate and endearing. He and Emmie are just adorable together! I’m not typically into insta-love, but there was just something about the two of them and their situation that captivated me.

If you like historical fiction and romance, I think you will enjoy this fast paced novel!

About the Author:

Natalie Murray is the author of EMMIE AND THE TUDOR KING (June 11, 2019) and EMMIE AND THE TUDOR QUEEN (August 25, 2020). A fast-paced YA time-slip romance, the Emmie and the Tudor King trilogy follows an American high school girl to a reimagined Tudor England, where she meets a doomed, but utterly dreamy, Tudor king. Emmie and the Tudor King has already received acclaim from Foreword Reviews, YA Books Central, and popular YA authors Brigid Kemmerer (A Curse So Dark and Lonely) and CJ Flood (Infinite Sky), among others. You can visit Natalie at nataliemurrayauthor.com.14829945

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